I am excited to announce our planned breeding of Tammen's Defying Gravity to Wakan Hotrod Sammy.  To see each dogs page click on their name. We will have a possibility of having Black/White, Red/White or Tri color puppies.

If you are interested in a possible puppy from this litter please go to my Companion Pet page and fill out a application.

Planned Litter 2018

AKC CH Sonbar's Deliteful Deviation SDHR

6% African Fanconi Clear

MBISS AKC CH/Can CH Nyanga Signet Sweet William JC SDHR

12% African 2002 Pedigree Award Winner,02 & 03 BCOA top Twenty Winner, 03 AKC Eukanuba Classic Invitational Winner, 04 Pedigree Stud Dog Winner, BISS BCOC 2004, BISS BCOA 2007

AKC CH/UKC CH Akuaba The Cat's Meow JC, AOM, PVB

Outcross - 50% African - Fanconi Probable carrier - First 50% African to receive a AOM.

Degree of Line Breeding

Blue numbers are where dog appears in that generation in

sires pedigree, pink numbers are for the dam

C-Quest Soul Driver 4-4

Reveille Boutnniere 5-5-5-5-7

AB Lazer the Mischief Maker 6-4-5-8

Rafikis Mass Expectations 5-5-5-7

JuJu's Pistol Pete 6-6-5-6-6-8

Avongara Gangura 9-8-8-7-7-6-6-6-8-8-9

CH Serengeti Cool Jazz of Woz 8-8-7-5-6-8-9


This pedigree carries a high % of the following dogs

13.281% (Equal to 3rd Generation) CH Reveille Boutnniere

11.328% (Equal to 4th Generation) CH AB Lazer The Mischief Maker

10.156% (Equal to 4th Generation) CH Rafikis Mass Expectations JC

9.766% (Equal to 4th Generation) CH Juju's Pistol Pete

8.203% (Equal to 4th Generation) Avongara Gangura

6.836% (Equal to 4th Generation) CH Serengeti Cool Jazz of Woz

Total Inbreeding Coefficent .0149%